Application Timeline

We review staff applications on a rolling basis, so the sooner your application is submitted, the more likely we will have a space for you to serve as a Madrich(a). You can expect to receive communications about your application along the following timeline:

  • An invitation to interview with Erica Barish, Assistant Director, within 4 weeks of your application (or up to 6 weeks during holiday seasons)
  • An invitation for a second interview with Rabbi Rich Kirschen, Director within 4 weeks of your interview with Erica (or up to 6 weeks during holiday seasons)
  • An offer for summer employment or a waitlist offer for summer employment within 4 weeks of your second interview
  • At any point during this process, we may determine that your application does not fit our needs and you may receive a notification that we are not pursuing your application further. Not all applicants will receive interview invitations or job offers.

Applicant Expectations

There are a number of expectations that we have of staff applicants:

  • Applicants may not apply to work for multiple URJ Youth summer programs. All URJ camps and summer programs agree not to compete for staff.
    • If you are interested in staffing multiple programs, please let Erica Barish ( know so we can discuss with our colleagues the best way to support your growth as a member of the URJ Youth summer staff community.
  • It is your responsibility to check in with your references to ensure they received our automated reference request email and have completed it. The email will have been sent automatically immediately after you submitted your application.
    • If one or more of your references did not receive the email, or did not access the form within 14 days, contact us at to request a new email.
    • If you need to change one or more of your listed references, email
    • Applications are not considered complete until all three references have been submitted. We may choose to hold off on offering an interview or staff position pending the completion of your references.
  • Applicants must maintain the personal integrity and ethical responsibilities that are essential for serving as a strong role model for teens.

Offer Letters and Waitlist Offers

Offer Letter
If you receive an offer letter, this is your official offer to work with us and your official response device confirming your acceptance. It will list your salary, start and end dates, and the conditions of employment. If you have received an offer letter, you may wish to review Resources for Hired Staff.

Wait List Offer
We have a limited number of positions available, and we frequently have more qualified applicants than we have positions to fill! If you receive a waitlist offer, it is because we believe in your ability to serve as a leader and role model for our participants – we just don’t have an open spot for you right now. Only fully qualified applicants receive either a job offer or a waitlist offer.

Madrich(a) position availability often changes in the months leading up to the summer, as we allocate staff hires to ensure the best possible teams for our participants.

Interview Preparations

When we interview applicants, we want to get a sense of how deeply they understand the responsibilities of the job and how well they will perform during the summer. We’re not interested in making you nervous or tripping you up with gotcha questions!

These resources may help you prepare for your interview(s). Take some time to read and reflect so you can be best prepared to represent your true self to us.

What do you think the role of staff on an international travel program for teens entails?

The job description covers the basics, but we’d like to hear how you interpret them to see how well you’ve internalized the responsibilities.

Tell us about your personal Jewish journey and Israel experience. OR Tell us about a time when you created a Jewish teachable moment in an environment that was not inherently Jewish.

We want to know what kind of Jewish role model you will be for our teens and whether you can engage with them on a deep, meaningful, level around the complexities of Israel.

What is a challenge you have had while working with teens, and how did you overcome it?

We want to see you demonstrate your ability to reflect on your experiences and grow from them, and in particular to do so in a context that’s directly relevant to the work of staffing NFTY in Israel.

Tell us about a time when you disagreed with a coworker’s or supervisor’s judgement. Why did you disagree and how did you resolve the disagreement?

You will be working in a team on NFTY in Israel, and inevitably you will have disagreements with your co-staff. We want to see that you can disagree constructively.

Follow-up questions about your answers to the questions on the application.

We might ask you to dig deeper into one or more of your responses on the application, so log into your account to review your application.

Recruit Your Friends

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Contact Us

If you have questions about the application process, please contact Erica Barish at or (212) 650-4077.