NYU Adaptive Innovation


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Do you see the problems in our world and know that if you only had the tools, you could make a difference?

Are you frustrated when you see people trying the same thing over and over, and expecting different results?

Do you look at innovative start-up companies and wonder if the same approach could be used to make the world better?

Do you want to learn about Israel and their approach to innovation?

This experience follows a similar curriculum as NYU’s innovation courses, with special adaptations for high school students. This Fellowship requires from its participants commitment, creativity, curiosity, and ambition. Its outcome is, in turn, is graduates who will skillfully navigate their future – and shape it.

The value proposition is fourfold: top entrepreneurship education, a New York University academic certificate and affiliation, a new kind of Jewish community, and entrepreneurial connection to Israel.

Open to exceptional high school students in grade 10-12. Learn with college professors and experts from the field!

The time is now

  • Practice adaptive innovation in times of disruption

  • Meet extraordinary new people

  • Earn an academic certificate from NYU Bronfman

  • Experience Israel in a own way

The Course

The Adaptive Innovation Fellowship consists of 9 online workshops of 1.5 hours each, which are held in groups of up to 30 participants. 

The content – developed especially for this program and delivered by academic experts and practitioners – follows a similar curriculum as the NYU entrepreneurship courses, with the necessary adaptations for young people: 


  1. Introductions and Orientations: getting to know the course and the people, and small project group formation. Introduction to innovation, entrepreneurship, disruption, creativity and change.


  2. Definitions and Concepts: the alphabet of innovation – basic language and terms. First assignments and case studies, basic project management technics for the group projects.


  3. The Entrepreneur’s Toolbox: 3 useful innovation methodologies – design thinking, SIT/SCAMPER, and lean canvas, with examples and personal stories.


  4. From Value Proposition Design to Product Market Fit: the business side of things – topics such as income vs. revenue; cost, budget and product, balance sheet, business plan and market research.


  5. Innovation as an Act of Leadership: the connection between the two concepts explored and explained, followed by examples of entrepreneurial leadership styles and the model of Adaptive Leadership.


  6. Panel on Innovation: 3 Israeli entrepreneurs from different fields – business, social, and public – share stories, plans and takeaways. Followed by Q&A related to the students’ own projects.


  7. Startup Nation Revisited: what drives Israel and Israeli start-up players to succeed? Is there an “Israeli spirit”? If so, what are its foundations, and can it be duplicated? An historic innovative overview


  8. Making an Impact: planning, fine-tuning and then presenting your project – Smart SWOT/SOAR, problem solving, critical thinking and marketing for entrepreneurs (storytelling & focusing).


  9. Presentations, Conclusion and Certificates: project completion and presentations, final thoughts and conclusions, graduation ceremony and next steps.   


Incentive grants of up to $3250 available!