Experience Israel with Teens from Across North America!
Make friends, create and be part of an immersive traveling Jewish community as you explore ancient Jerusalem and modern Tel Aviv, the beautiful Galilee and the stunning Negev Desert. The NFTY Adventure program is a unique and challenging four week summer experience created especially for teens who seek a meaningful and exciting journey to Israel filled with amazing memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

2017 Trip Details

Program Adventure 4 weeks in Israel
Tentative Dates June 20-July 18
June 27-July 25
Session 1
Session 2
Tuition Early Bird
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Deadlines Early Bird
Final Registration
January 5, 2017
May 1, 2017


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From ancient Jerusalem to modern Tel Aviv, from the beautiful Galilee to the stunning Negev Desert, you will create and be part of an immersive traveling Jewish community of teens from all over North America.

You’ll have opportunities to meet Israeli teens, ride a camel, snorkel in the Red Sea, mountain bike, join in a real archeological dig, swim in the Mediterranean Sea, celebrate Shabbat in Jerusalem, buy some sandals, eat a falafel, and have the most amazing time of your life. With a great summer of shared fun and friendship as a backdrop, you’ll return home with an intense personal connection to the land, history and people of Israel, proud of yourself and your people.

With NFTY’s renowned tour guide-educators leading the way, you’ll walk on the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, make a pilgrimage to the Kotel—The Western Wall—travel back 2,000 years in time to explore the ancient tunnels around the foundation of the Temple Mount, and see the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls at the Shrine of the Book.

As the sun rises over the mountains of Jordan, you’ll ascend the summit of Masada at dawn. You’ll float in the Dead Sea, cover yourself with the famous black mud, and cool off in the refreshing waters of the Nahal Arugot Waterfall near Ein Gedi.

You’ll dig into your roots on an archeological expedition, unearth ancient pottery with your own hands, and crawl through the caves of the Maccabean Revolt by candlelight. Together with your Israeli peers, you’ll explore the Galilee and Golan, swim the headwaters of the Jordan River, wander through the alleyways of the mystical city of Safed, and “conquer” Crusader castles.

As you travel with your friends you'll spend three unforgettable days and nights hiking and exploring the Negev Desert. You’ll ride camels across sand dunes, sip tea in a Bedouin tent, snorkel the crystal clear blue waters of the Red Sea, relax on a sandy beach, and sleep under a peaceful blanket of stars.

Before you leave for Israel you’ll select a “Chavaya”—special interest—module and during your stay. You’ll spend four fun-filled days pursuing your own interests while also making new friends from other NFTY groups. Choose from Yam L’Yam (Sea to Sea), Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World in Israel), Indiana Jones in Israel (Archeological Dig), and Gadna (Army Training), Start Up Nation (Hi-Tech Israel).

Before you depart for home, you’ll be amazed by the modern city of Tel Aviv, swim in the Mediterranean, shop on famous Dizengoff Street, and return to spiritual Jerusalem for one final visit as you prepare to conclude your spectacular summer of adventure, personal discovery, challenge and growth. When you do return home to family and friends, you’ll have wonderful memories of your once-in-a-lifetime journey of friendship and fun. More important, you’ll have newfound pride in yourself, your people and your land.

NFTY's professional staff in Israel and North America have designed an exciting itinerary that ensures great fun and adventure, meaningful discovery and the highest standard of safety and security.

Stay at beautiful Kibbutz guesthouses in the Judean hills surrounding Jerusalem. These hotels are on Kibbutz grounds in a contained, safe and secure area about 20-30 minutes outside of the city. From here we will go on day trips exploring the history, spirituality and magic of the ancient city of Jerusalem. We will visit the Kotel, the western wall and the famous Kotel tunnels that run beneath the Temple mount. We will visit the ancient city of David and the Southern Wall excavations where the ancient entrances to the Jewish Temple were unearthed. Stand in awe at the Hess Promenade overlooking the city of Jerusalem as the sun sets to the west, understanding the words to the song “Jerusalem of Gold”.

We take a trip into the desert of Judea as we follow in the footsteps of the Zealots running from the Romans after the destruction of the second Temple, as they fled to the mountain fortress of Massada. We ascend to the summit of Masada at dawn, to explore their way of life and understand the heroic yet tragic story of the defenders of Masada. Float in the Dead Sea, cover yourself with the famous black mud, and cool off in the refreshing Nahal Arugot waterfall near Ein Gedi. Participate in a real archeological dig at Tel Marasha near Jerusalem and crawl through the caves that hid the Jewish rebels during the Great Rebellion against the Roman Empire.

Galilee, Golan and Kineret
(The Sea of Galilee)

Explore with Israeli teens the Galilee and Golan during your stay on the banks of the Kineret at a guesthouse in a Kibbutz along the southern coast of the Sea of Galilee. This is a three star resort on the kibbutz grounds in a safe and secure closed area with a pool, a beautiful beach and roomy accommodations. We will be using this resort as our base for visiting the mystical city of Safed. Wander thru its alleyways filled with quaint little shops that sell the famous Safed candles and art works of local artists. We will visit the famous Naot sandals factory and tour the Golan Heights to understand its significance and importance to the state of Israel. Visit the village of Kineret the first settlement on the banks of the Sea of Galilee where we examine the important beginnings of the dream of a Jewish state in Eretz Israel. Together with Israeli teens, swim in a water park on the shores of the Kineret, trek through the beautiful landscape, tour the Monfort Crusader Castle, mountain bike down to a beach on the Mediterranean Sea.

It’s your turn to choose your own personal experience

Before leaving for Israel, select one of these exciting 4-day in-depth experiences. This module offers you the opportunity to pursue your own interests while in Israel and make new friends from other NFTY groups at the same time.

Hosted by the first Reform Kibbutz in Israel, Kibbutz Yahel outside of Eilat, our third week is dedicated to understanding the ancient roots of our people. We explore the desert, where we first started our journey, and where we evolved into “ Am Yisrael ”. We hike and camp out in the most beautiful backdrops of black and red granite mountains, deep blue seas, and sleep under the cover of the most amazing star-studded skies. Our days are filled with desert and wildlife experiences and water activities such as snorkeling the crystal clear blue waters of the Red Sea; relaxing on a sandy beach, and swimming in the kibbutz pool. We will ride camels, role down sand dunes, and spend a magical night, as very special guests in an authentic Bedouin tent were we sip hot tea and hear amazing stories about life in the desert.

Returning to the Jerusalem area for our last week in Israel, learn about the creation of the state of Israel when we visit Independence Hall in the modern city of Tel Aviv and swim in the Mediterranean. Understand the connections and commitments the state of Israel and the Jewish Diaspora share with one another. Visit the Knesset, the Israeli parliament and Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust memorial and museum, walk through the military cemetery at Mt. Hertzl, where some of Israel’s greatest leaders are buried. See the Latrun and Ammunition Hill memorials commemorating those who died fighting and protecting the new state of Israel.

Return to spiritual Jerusalem for one final visit and plant a tree with your own hands in the soil of Israel as you prepare to fly home having had a spectacular summer adventure of personal discovery, challenging Jewish growth, feeling proud of yourself, your people and your land.

Return home having had a once-in-a-lifetime journey of pride, adventure, friendship and fun.

It’s your turn to choose your own personal experience

Before leaving for Israel, select one of these exciting 4-day in-depth experiences. This module offers you the opportunity to pursue your own interests while in Israel and make new friends from other NFTY groups at the same time.

Yam L’Yam (Sea to Sea)
Join this four day trek from the Kinneret (the Sea of Galilee) to the Mediterranean. Gain experience climbing, orienteering, hiking, mountain biking and camping.

Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World in Israel)
Explore critical social issues facing modern Israel and make your own personal contribution working together with Kibbutz Hanaton, a new type of Kibbutz model based on social justice in the Galilee. Projects have included working with new immigrants, special needs children or the elderly, and may even explore new frontiers of social justice! Upon completing this option you will receive a certificate for 20-30 hours of community service.

Indiana Jones in Israel (Archeological Dig)
Discover the art and science of archeology and the history of Israel under the supervision of professional archeologists. Get in touch with our people’s roots at an authentic archeological dig.

Gadna (Army Training)
Experience what it's like to prepare for service in the Israel Defense Forces. Participate in simulated basic army exercises, while living on an Israeli Army base. Experience first hand the unique culture of the IDF. Completion of this basic training is an accomplishment second to none.

2018 Trip Details

Registration for Summer 2018 will be available Fall 2017.

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