Experience Israel with Teens from Across North America!
URJ-Kutz-Camp-2C-e1437425295944Together with your URJ Kutz Camp friends, create and be part of an intense traveling Jewish community as you explore ancient Jerusalem and modern Tel Aviv, the beautiful Galilee and the stunning Negev Desert.


NFTY Adventure

The NFTY Adventure program is a unique and challenging four week summer experience created for teens who seek a meaningful and exciting journey to Israel filled with amazing memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. From ancient Jerusalem to modern Tel Aviv, from the beautiful Galilee to the stunning Negev Desert, you will create and be part of an immersive traveling Jewish community of teens from all over North America.

Mitzvah Corps Israel

Experience Israel off-the-grid. Engage with refugees from Syria and Sudan. Meet with people of all faiths and ethnic identities. Snorkel in the Red Sea. Feel the spiritual energy of Tzfat. Sleep under the desert stars. Be part of a kibbutz community. Learn and practice Hebrew. Hike in the mountains and float in the Dead Sea. Support integration of Ethiopian immigrants. Find the beauty in Israel's complexities.

NFTY L'Dor V'Dor

Experience the epic story of the journey of the Jewish people from Prague and Poland to Israel. Together with NFTY friends from all over North America, you'll begin your adventure in Europe, exploring more than one thousand years of our rich European Jewish heritage. You'll then fly to Israel for four weeks of exploration and discovery, building on the historical and personal connections made during your time in Europe.

Sci-Tech Israel

Explore Israel as a living laboratory where science and technology meet the Jewish past, present, and future. Teens will engage in an interactive learning environment that incorporates Jewish values and history while exploring Israel’s role as a global innovator in science and technology. Sci-Tech Israel offers the best of two worlds: visiting iconic sites while also meeting with global experts in fields.