Teen Israel Fellowship

Teen Israel Fellowship

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The Teen Israel Fellowship is designed for students in grades 11th – 1st Year University/Gap Year to develop leadership skills around Israel, Zionism, Jewish Peoplehood, and a progressive Jewish approach. Through open dialogue and high level learning, fellows will gain the skills and knowledge they need to become activists who couple Israel and Zionism with values of social justice and equality. Learning with experts in the field and meaningful conversations with peers, Fellows will grapple with issues such as the religious freedom, LGBTQIA rights, and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict through the three key lenses below.

The Four Hatikvah Questions.

The Four Hatikvah Questions (4HQ) are Makom Israel’s (of the Jewish Agency) framework for approaching Israel Engagement. 4HQ is a simple way to contain the complexity that is Israel. It is universal yet particular and offers a constructive approach to the “Big Tent”.During this module we will use the 4 questions of what it means to be free, a people, free, and in our Land, taken from the last line of Israel’s National Anthem, Hatikva.  


multiple-narrative approach to Israel education.

Essential to understanding, and being able to talk with a critical lens about any society (especially one as multifaceted as Israel), is the ability to understand that there is never just one story. In essence, there is never just one perspective. The project of living democratically requires of us the ability to understand that your story will not be my story, that your story might contradict my story, that your story, the narrative that you come from, might celebrate something that my story mourns. Holding multiple narratives requires us to be able to see that our sometimes-contradicting stories can both have validity, that neither of them will ever be the whole story, that part of living in democratic community is knowing that there is actually no such thing as the whole story, and that we must always be on the lookout for new perspectives, for new stories, and new narratives that we have not heard before. We must build in ourselves the ability to hear these stories not as a threat to our own, but as a continuing opportunity to expand our understanding of our own stories, the context in which that story lives, and the wider world that we inhabit.

A Jewish and democratic State.

How we can understand, advocate, and lead on issues of Religion and State in Israel and mobilize around support for the Progressive Movement in Israel? We will examine issues around the “Status Quo” (personal status issues, and public observance of Shabbat, Kashrut, etc, and recognition of non-Orthodox Movements). As the Progressive Movement grows we are having more impact on Israeli society pushing for recognition of liberal movements including Reform and Conservative. This unit will discuss the various issues of Religion and State as we identify opportunities for impact. 



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