Teen summer programs in Israel are recognized not only as spectacular opportunities for fun and friendship but as defining and transforming Jewish growth experiences as well. All those who care deeply about ensuring a vibrant Jewish future appreciate the impact of a substantive Israel program on young people. Parents, potential participants, rabbis and synagogue leaders need to know how to choose the appropriate Israel experience for their teens. Not all programs are created equal!

Since 1958, thousands of families have chosen to send their teens to Israel with the North American Federation of Temple Youth. Our Israel programs are only one of the many life-changing experiences offered to Reform teens by the Union for Reform Judaism. Learn more about NFTY North American, regional and local programs.

Dear Parents,

As parents, we do all we can to ensure that our children are healthy and happy. We also care deeply about the kind of people our children will become. We want them to be good and to contribute in positive ways to the world in which we live. We hope that they will be proud of their Jewish identity and heritage and they will be inspired to live engaged and ethical Jewish lives. We strive to launch them on their college and life experiences with confidence, resilience and essential skills for living.

Since 1958 the Union for Reform Judaism has been sponsoring programs in Israel for young people from our congregations and camps. We want to share with you why so many parents have valued this experience for their children and have made the significant investment required.

What can you expect your children to accomplish during their summer in Israel? What are the benefits of this wonderful opportunity?

  • Deep personal connections to the ancient and modern story and journey of the Jewish People. An understanding that Judaism is who they are, not just what they do.
  • Profound understanding of what it means to be part of the Jewish People. “Kol Yisrael Arevim Ze L’Zeh” (All of the people of Israel are responsible one for another).
  • Inspiration to want to continue to explore many facets of their Jewish identities.
  • Discovering the joyful celebration of Shabbat in the land of Israel, providing insights into familiar prayers and developing new connections to Judaism.
  • Actively engaging with young Israelis, providing a fun and thoughtful taste of Israel today.
  • Creating a unique personal growth experience through a choice of appealing and challenging activities.
  • Being led on this trek by role model leaders and counselors who guide with passion and care.
  • Learning what it means to make positive personal choices while gaining independence traveling far from home with friends in a safe and supervised environment.
  • Feeling intense satisfaction in having met, head on, a myriad of physical, intellectual and spiritual challenges.
  • Returning home having had more fun than can be imagined and having shared this adventure with their peers, deepening the bonds of friendship and Jewish community.
  • Returning home having experienced thrilling sites, seeing themselves as a continuation of all those who came before, as a strong link in the chain of Jewish history and heritage.

Thank you for considering this powerful program for your son or daughter.

We take very seriously, our responsibility for young people entrusted to our care. We are deeply proud that so many families have demonstrated their faith in us, their children and in the future of the Jewish People by enabling participation in the NFTY summer experience in Israel.

This summer in Israel,
The NFTY in Israel Team in Jerusalem and New York