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Kishrei Noar – Youth Connections

By Hannah Mink, Bus 9 Participant

I wasn’t totally sure what to expect before meeting the Israelis. I was worried that it would make our whole group dynamic awkward, and considering that we started the summer not knowing each other I was even more worried. But as soon as we met the 6 Israelis who joined our group, they all fit in right away. Just like how my group bonded as soon as we met at the airport, we all welcomed the Israelis with open arms as soon as they arrived. 

Today we went to the homes of the Israelis who joined our group. My friends Joe, Joei, Caleb and I went to Noa’s house. We learned a lot about her family and her life at home. We also tried food her mom made for us like sambusas and different salads and pasta. It was one of the best meals I’ve had on this trip. 

Overall I think that meeting and becoming friends with the Israelis who joined our group has allowed us to further explore the Israeli culture that we have been seeing from a distance for the last few weeks. I hope that I will become closer friends with Noa and all the other Israelis who are with our group for the next week.