Blog  The Negev in Pictures

The Negev in Pictures

By Addie Blachman, Bus 7 Participant

The entire trip to the desert was a once in a lifetime experience. I was able to step out of my comfort zone and face fears that helped me grow. I would not trade my experience in the desert for anything else. See the desert journey through my eyes.

This was our first day hiking. That night we stayed at our first campsite in the Negev. I was extremely excited to see the scenery of the desert and to experience new things with my friends, but I was also very nervous because I have never hiked or slept in a desert before.


This is the view from our first long hike. We had to wake up before sunrise to start the hike. At first it was difficult to wake up and walk for the amount of time that was needed, but seeing the view in the end made it worth it.


This was the hardest hike for me to do. I am not a fan of high heights so having to hike up a steep mountain was scary and hard. However, I ended up pushing through and I was able to make it to the top of the mountain.


This was my favorite part of the hike. I was able to see Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt all at once. I enjoyed this because I was able to experience something that many people don’t and to see such an amazing sight.


This was one of the most interesting parts of the hiking trip. We were able to walk through a hyena den. This den was very low to the ground and had lots of shade, which was a nice break from the hot desert sun. This interested me because I was able to see how hyenas really lived.


We ended our trip to the desert at the sand dunes. We ran up through the sand and rolled back down it with our friends. I had never even seen a sand dune before so being able to roll down one was amazing and really fun.