Blog  The People of Sci-Tech Israel

The People of Sci-Tech Israel

By Elena Crowell and Russell Kramer, Bus 11 Participants

There have been many memorable experiences over the last three weeks. One thing that I will truly miss is the people, the people on the Sci-Tech Israel trip that I became friends with, the counselors who helped us to explore Israel, and the people on Mitzvah Corps Israel and Sports Israel that we got to know. One of the things that truly made this trip special was getting to learn about how Israel was formed and the things being created in Israel today, all with people who think about things the same way as you. It is one thing to go to a science institute or go on a tour of a place like Elbit Systems, but getting to go to these places with people who are as interested in learning about it as you are, it makes the entire experience different. The friends we made have allowed for us to form connections to Israel and Judaism that we will take with us when we go home. The thing that I will miss the most is getting to spend time with the friends I made. All of us may be from different states, but we have many things in common that brought us together on this trip and made it unique. When we get home all of the connections we made will continue to be strengthened. The connection to Judaism and Israel will be strengthened in different ways for each of us but the connection to each other will be strengthened as we go home and continue to keep in touch.  Hopefully we will be able to come back to Israel and continue to make lasting memories.