Blog  My Combined Passion for STEM and Judaism

My Combined Passion for STEM and Judaism

By Meredith Rosenthal, Bus 11 Participant

My passions for STEM and my Jewish identity have always been some of the most integral aspects of who I am. Since Israel is a hub for both Judaism and outstanding technology and innovation, being apart of Sci-Tech Israel has given me unique opportunities to explore things that I care so much about and are such important parts of my life. I love that I’ve gotten to see Israel not only through the lens of Judaism, but also with an emphasis on how technologically advanced everything is. I’ve had profound Jewish experiences like going to the Western Wall, as well as see Israeli science and technology at places like the Weizmann Institute or companies like Iscar and SodaStream. These have been so meaningful and exciting that it has left me not wanting to leave. After the past three weeks, I feel so connected to this country because I’ve gotten to see first hand how my own passions for STEM and Judaism are reflected in so many aspects of Israeli life in a way that I can’t find anywhere else.