Blog  Why I wanted to be a Madrich on NFTY in Israel

Why I wanted to be a Madrich on NFTY in Israel

By Ilan Bar, Bus 6 Staff

I grew up in the north of Israel on a small kibbutz to a family who cherishes Israeli land and Jewish values and culture. 

Last year while spending a summer as a counselor at Camp George in Canada, I realized how important it is for Jewish kids in the diaspora to have Israeli counselors, and how important it is for me as an Israeli to meet North American Jews. The main reason I wanted to become a Madrich for NFTY in Israel is to show the teens the kind of Israel I grew up in, which is likely different than the Israel they have heard about on the news. The Israel I grew up in is a place of humanity, of good people, and of coexistence. I want to be a role model for the teens by showing them that there are two sides to every coin and to help them remember this as they grow into adults.