Blog  On The Bus Again! – July 4th

On The Bus Again! – July 4th

By Mitzvah Corps Israel Bus 10

(Parts adapted from Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again”)

  1. Wake up! It’s time for an exciting day!
  2. Bring down laundry and head to breakfast.
  3. Get on the bus to go to the HUC.  Got my hat, water, and sunscreen!
  4. Walk through he HUC and hear about the opportunities that are available to study in Israel
  5. Listen to The Women of The Wall and their efforts of gaining equality of women at the Western Wall.
  6. A word from Heller High- it sounds like a cool experience!
  7. On the bus again...
  8. Time to eat at the market!
  9. Buy elephant pants for my friends back at home and some bracelets for my family.
  10. Visit with Kids for Peace and hear the stories of the students from all different backgrounds, cultures, and religions.
  11. just can’t wait to get on the bus again
  12. Tour the old city and drum roll please…
  13. The Western Wall!
  14. ...makin music with my friends (on the bus again)…
  15.  Dinner, Hotel, Music with my friends, Bed.

I can’t wait to get on the bus again!