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Next Year in Jerusalem!

Every year during the Passover Seder we say “Next year in Jerusalem.” Let’s make it a reality. We believe every teen should have a meaningful, memorable Israel experience, and it’s not too early to start thinking about next summer! Know a 9th grader who is looking forward to their camp trip next year, or a teen who might be interested in a specialty Israel experience through the lens of social justice, Hebrew immersion, science and technology, or sports? Nominate them, and we’ll be in touch!

3 weeks in Israel through the lens of sports

A unique three week experience in Israel— athletes come together to explore, play, teach, and learn.

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3 weeks through the lens of social justice

Experience Israel through engagement. Meet with people of all faiths and ethnic identities. Find the beauty in Israel’s complexities.

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3 weeks in Israel through the lens of science and technology

A hands-on experience where science and technology meet the Jewish past, present, and future.

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*New in 2020!* 4 weeks in Israel deepening your Hebrew knowledge

This unique and challenging program is for teens with a baseline level of Hebrew knowledge, who seek a meaningful and exciting journey to Israel.

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4 weeks in Israel

Explore your place in the history of our people. From ancient Jerusalem to modern Tel Aviv, travel to the beautiful Galilee and see the stunning Negev Desert.

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1 week in Eastern Europe & 4 weeks in Israel

Tour Eastern Europe, discovering your personal connection to our people and our history before embarking on a four week Adventure in Israel.

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