Blog  Summer 2019 is Right Around the Corner!

Summer 2019 is Right Around the Corner!

By Ilana Schear, Registrar and Communications Coordinator

With 2019 less than two weeks away, does that mean we can start counting down to summer? In these cold winter months we all need something warm to look forward to. In my personal, unbiased opinion, there is nothing better than relaxing under the warm sun on the beaches of Tel Aviv, sleeping under the stars on the sand in the Negev, or taking a pleasant float in the Dead Sea. With only 6 months left before our first trip departs, here is a list of things our teens will learn in just the first week on our once-in-a-lifetime adventure to Israel!

9 things you quickly learn about Israel in your first week

By Abby Lefton, 2017 NFTY in Israel Participant

    1. Israelis don’t form lines the same way we do in the States. As we were in line for our gate at the airport, a huge swarm of people came and formed a clump surrounding the gate. Pushing and shoving expected.
    1. You have to be careful when crossing the street. Not only are Israelis pretty aggressive drivers, but there are also plenty of people riding mopeds and scooters.
    1. Eat local food. Although it is entertaining looking at the McDonald menu and admiring how every burger is named after a place in America like the Las Vegas, California, and the Big America, eating warm pita and falafel is something you need to experience.
    1. When hiking in the desert, find the big rocks. Through learning the hard way, I figured out if you step on big rocks you will be more stable. When you put your weight on the the small stones (like gravel) it causes you to slip getting scrapes all over your hands and knees 🙂
    1. Scorpion Spiders in the desert. Yes, this is a real thing. Yes, it is terrifying. No, I did not see one.
    1. Their chocolate is better. We all love a good Hershey’s kiss, but is has absolutely nothing on Kinder. It is sold everywhere and melts in your mouth.The most delicious thing ever.
    1. Breakfast. Generally in America, breakfast consists of sweet things like pancakes, cereal, juice, etc. However, in Israel, its almost like lunch food. It’s not super heavy but, still has stuff like fish, cheese, and always salad.
    1. Really big bottles. Rather than the plastic bottles we have, they use 1-2 liter bottles for everything from water to juice. It looks funny at first especially because they use the smallest most flimsy plastic cups ever, but it just works.
    1. Soak it all up. As we travel place to place we must remember to take a minute to recognize where we are and the beauty of it. Everything we do is a unique experience which we must hold onto and cherish.

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