Blog  Three Things You Can Only Do with NFTY in Israel This Summer

Three Things You Can Only Do with NFTY in Israel This Summer

By Dan Lange, Director of URJ Youth Programs

A summer on NFTY in Israel is so much more than a few weeks in a different country. Through adventure, food, games, sports, social justice, hiking, swimming, science and technology, Hebrew, climbing mountains, sleeping under the stars, and so much more, teens on NFTY in Israel return home with so much more than they left with (and I’m not just talking about the souvenirs).

With only three weeks left on our early bird promotion – saving you $400! – check out these three things you can only get on an Israel adventure, then head over to our registration page to lock in your savings now.

1. Shawarma and Schnitzel and Shakshuka, oh my!

Taste new foods or rediscover some old favorites. A highlight of a NFTY in Israel adventure is pizur – when participants are given cash, taken to a hip food scene, and encouraged to explore and taste and get to know a neighborhood through its culinary output. Our staff are on hand to help teens find that next great bite, and to capture a pic of a mouthful of delicious, fresh off the fire pita with the perfect ball of falafel.

2. Climbing Mountains – Literally

What better place to break in those new hiking boots than in the Negev Desert, significant in our history as Jewish people for a variety of reasons. This is the place where Moses sent the scouts to assess the land. It’s also where the Tribe of Judah and Tribe of Simeon both lived. Together with friends and experienced guides, you’ll literally climb mountains, ascending the summits and looking out over all of the south of Israel. The stillness of the air as you look down at your accomplishment is unlike any other feeling in the world.

3. Connect with your Jewish soul

If North America is your literal home, in many ways an experience in Israel exposes you to an additional spiritual home. Through the obvious – visits to the Kotel, or Western Wall, the City of David, Tzfat, Masada, and more – to the less obvious – visits to Acco, Beit Guvrin, an archeological dig, exploring Tel Aviv’s famous shuk and more – you will connect deeper and more fully with your spirituality than you’re able to on an average day back home. Together with your fellow travelers, you’ll explore what it means to be a Jewish teen in 2019, thinking together about how your Jewish identity intersects with all of your other identities. And more often than not, that exploration will happen as you sit on the beach, watching the most unbelievable sunset of all time in Tel Aviv.


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