Blog  Summer 2019 is on the horizon

Summer 2019 is on the horizon

By Dan Lange, Director, URJ Youth Programs

With summer officially over as of this past Saturday, we are already thinking about Summer 2019! In just nine short months, our first groups will be departing on flights across the Atlantic to begin their epic journeys into the story of our people. They’ll explore, hike, eat delicious food, meet amazing people, conquer challenges, and much more on their 3, 4 or 5-week adventures through Israel.

We are thrilled to announce that Summer 2019 registration is now open, including for our two brand new programs: Sports Israel and Chalutzim B’aretz!

Sports Israel – combining a passion for sport, travel and Judaism

Imagine seeing Israel as an athlete, with sports as your backdrop. Imagine a group of teens challenged with the task of teaching young Israeli children how to cradle a lacrosse ball, or on mixed teams with their Israeli peers for a game of baseball, sharing in each other’s culture and learning from their experiences together. Imagine those same teens meeting with influential Israeli athletes, learning from and being inspired by them as mentors in the field. Sports Israel, our innovative new program in partnership with URJ 6 Points Sports Academies in North Carolina and California, will bring like-minded athletes together to explore, play, teach and learn Israel – all through the lens of sports.

Taking off for Ben Gurion International Airport on June 26.
More details, and registration info

Chalutzim B’aretz – offering an immersive Hebrew-focused trip through the only country where Hebrew is the national language

Become part of an immersive Hebrew-speaking community as you spend four weeks exploring ישראל/Yisrael/Israel and deepening your Hebrew knowledge. Chalutzim B’aretz, our dynamic new program in partnership with Olin-Sang-Ruby-Union Institute (OSRUI) will provide participants the opportunity to further develop modern Hebrew language skills and put those skills to use in Israel – order falafel, ask for directions, and experience life in Hebrew as you explore our ancient homeland with new and old friends. Participant in an intensive experience learning, exploring, and meeting Israeli peers. Discover yourself while speaking the language of your ancestors. This unique and challenging program is for teens with a baseline level of Hebrew knowledge, who seek a meaningful and exciting journey to ישראל/Yisrael/Israel filled with amazing memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Taking off for Ben Gurion International Airport on June 25.
More details, and registration info