Blog  Top 6 Best Things in Prague

Top 6 Best Things in Prague

By: Jed Chizner, 2017 NFTY in Israel Participant

1. History

When you walk through Prague you can’t help but see and feel the history. Prague or the real name, Praha, means door step. The “door step” represents the tolerance of all people.

2. Food

The food is great! There is a ton of Italian for some reason but also great dessert. Trdlenik is dough that is spun and hollow then filled with either chocolate or ice cream and covered in powered sugar.

3. Being American

One odd thing you find is that ALL foreigners love the fact that we are from America. They make us say weird things in Czech or what ever language they speak.

4. Meeting new people

On my journey through Prague I met very interesting people. I met five different people who believed they could heal a person's pain by praying to Jesus. I met people from South Korea who we danced with for their YouTube video. I met four Israeli girls who were traveling before the army. And I met a group of Czech girls who loved hearing me, along with some of my friends, say crazy words in Czech.

5. Jewish history

While there are many aspects of Jewish history in Prague my favorite was the memorial of eighty thousand people who died from the Holocaust. The eighty thousand names of Jews from Prague and towns around the area were all displayed on the walls. It allowed you to truly understand and grasp how many people that is.

6. Being with all my best friends in a place outside the bubble!