Blog  Remembering


By Jackie Gold

Throughout the trip, we have talked about remembering. Remembering the times of Moses and Abraham, remembering the Holocaust, remembering the hardships of the creation of Eretz Yisrael, and of course remembering to bring our hats everyday. Now, as the trip comes to a close, we must begin to remember each other and what we have learned/experienced on this trip. For each of us, what we remember is different.
For many, like Sam Tecotsky and Molly Cook, hiking Mount Shlomo is something that they will never forget. Others, like Jebodiah Zeitlin, will remember the watermelon at the end of Shlomo. Ella Podhurst will remember Israeli accents and for Noah Sobel, meeting new people is the most memorable experience. Naomi Shimberg remembers discovering her love for banana ice cream and Kayla Rinn remembers discovering her love for banana boating. As for Claire Filler, the new things she has experienced with the people she has grown up with is what she will remember.

The things that have happened here we will cherish for a lifetime. From small to big memories, this trip has changed us for the better. As we remember our trip, we are also trying to forget that soon we will be leaving the place and people that we have grown to love over the past 5 weeks.