Blog  Week with our Israelis

Week with our Israelis

By Samara Chodock

Week  four started with meeting our new Israeli peers. They are all extremely nice, outgoing, and add so much culture into our group. On Sunday, we all played ice breaker games to get to know each other followed by banana boating, swimming, and team building games. Even after a few hours I felt as though the Israelis had been a part of our group since day one.

On Monday we went to two beautiful lookout points where we talked about our relations with our surrounding countries followed by lunch and an interesting afternoon of rafting. The water was very shallow so our raft kept getting stuck but overall my group had a good time. Tuesday we went to Druz villages and learned about their culture while we had a tour and ate lunch there. Wednesday was a heavy day as we had our afternoon at Yad Vashem, the Holocaust memorial museum. Our group had never been so quiet and respectful, so it was nice to see how everyone really appreciated what we were learning about. We ended our tour with a survivor speaker and a memorial service. I personally enjoyed the museum as I learned unique stories of individuals I would have never heard about otherwise. Although it was a heavy and slightly depressing afternoon, the experience was definitely one I will never forget. We continue to Thursday with a very short visit to Hebrew University and finally a mega music event at night with a bunch of other American and Israeli Jewish teens. Overall this week has been good seeing new places with our new Israeli friends.