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Prague Adventures

By Isabel Namath

After a night of much needed sleep, we ate breakfast at the hotel, which mostly consisted of yogurt and packets of Nutella. We got on the bus and drove to the governmental part of Prague. We ran around and did some stretches, push-ups, and planks. We saw the best view of Prague and learned about the four things European cities needed a long time ago. We saw a beautiful cathedral, some government buildings, and the changing of the guards! The strangest thing to me was that we to pay to use the bathrooms! We walked along the Charlemagne Bridge and there were amazing sculptures/statues. We saw a statue of Jesus with Hebrew that meant “Holy is God” that was made to spite the Jews. We then had lunch ‘pizur’ style in the Prague Square. I took amazing pictures and bought some really yummy gelato. So many people bought a special Prague dessert, which consisted of a circular doughnut filled with custard.

We then went to the Jewish Quarter and it was really interesting to see how untouched it was. It was also really cool to see the different types of synagogues there were. We learned about the Golam, and Rabbi Low. Our counselors, Ashira and Gal, made a skit to explain this story to us and it was really funny. We went to another synagogue that had names of 80,000 Jews from Prague that died in the Holocaust. It seemed like such a small number, but seeing that number in names made it seem much larger and was very eye opening. We also learned about a boy who lived in Prague during the Holocaust and got to read a part of his diary, which also made things seem more real. We ate dinner at the hotel, and it was great. It has been an amazing, but tiring, day and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!